Name: AIRBUS A310-300F AC. Type: A310-300F Type: Cargo ICAO: A313
Runway: 8530 ft Hold size: 3300x477x240 cm Hold Length: 3300 cm Hold Width: 477 cm
Hold Height: 240 cm Main Door Size: 318x244 cm Door Width: 318 cm Door Height: 244 cm
CR Speed: 905 km/h Max Speed: 900 km/h Range: 7250 km Ferry Range: 10860 km


No. Reg No. Carrier Base
1 A6-EFB Emirates DXB
2 A6-EFC Emirates DXB
3 JY-AGR Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
4 TC-JCT Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
5 TC-LER ULS Airlines Cargo IST
6 TC-VEL ULS Airlines Cargo IST
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