Name: AIRBUS A320 AC. Type: A320 Type: CommJ ICAO: A320
Hold Length: 2751 cm Hold Width: 371 cm Hold Height: 221 cm Pax Max: 180 person
CR Speed: 870 km/h Max Speed: 900 km/h Ferry Range: 5185 km


No. Reg No. Carrier Base
1 4R-ABB SriLankan Airlines CMB
2 4R-ABH SriLankan Airlines CMB
3 4R-ABJ SriLankan Airlines CMB
4 4R-ABK SriLankan Airlines CMB
5 4R-ABL SriLankan Airlines CMB
6 4R-ABM SriLankan Airlines CMB
7 4R-ABN SriLankan Airlines CMB
8 4R-ABO SriLankan Airlines CMB
9 4R-ABP SriLankan Airlines CMB
10 4R-MRE Mihin Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. CMB
11 5A-LAH Libyan Airlines TIP
12 5A-LAI Libyan Airlines TIP
13 5A-LAJ Libyan Airlines TIP
14 5A-LAK Libyan Airlines TIP
15 5A-LAO Libyan Airlines TIP
16 5A-LAP Libyan Airlines TIP
17 5A-LAQ Libyan Airlines TIP
18 5A-ONA Afriqiyah Airways TIP
19 5A-ONB Afriqiyah Airways TIP
20 5A-ONJ Afriqiyah Airways TIP
21 5A-ONK Afriqiyah Airways TIP
22 5A-ONL Afriqiyah Airways TIP
23 5A-ONM Afriqiyah Airways TIP
24 5A-ONN Afriqiyah Airways TIP
25 5A-ONO Afriqiyah Airways TIP
26 6V-AIH Senegal Airlines DKR
27 9K-AKA Kuwait Airways KWI
28 9K-AKB Kuwait Airways KWI
29 9K-AKC Kuwait Airways KWI
30 9K-AKD Kuwait Airways KWI
31 9K-CAB Jazeera Airways KWI
32 9K-CAD Jazeera Airways KWI
33 9K-CAE Jazeera Airways KWI
34 9K-CAF Jazeera Airways KWI
35 9K-CAG Jazeera Airways KWI
36 9K-CAH Jazeera Airways KWI
37 9K-CAI Jazeera Airways KWI
38 9K-CAJ Jazeera Airways KWI
39 9K-CAK Jazeera Airways KWI
40 9K-CAL Jazeera Airways KWI
41 9K-CAM Jazeera Airways KWI
42 9K-CAN Jazeera Airways KWI
43 A4O-EB Oman Air MCT
44 A4O-EI Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
45 A4O-EJ Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
46 A4O-EL Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
47 A6-EIA ETIHAD Airways AUH
48 A6-EIB ETIHAD Airways AUH
49 A6-EIC ETIHAD Airways AUH
50 A6-EIF ETIHAD Airways AUH
51 A6-EIG ETIHAD Airways DHF
52 A6-EIH ETIHAD Airways AUH
53 A6-EII ETIHAD Airways AUH
54 A6-EIJ ETIHAD Airways ABU
55 A6-EIK ETIHAD Airways MSQ
56 A6-EIL ETIHAD Airways IST
57 A6-EIM ETIHAD Airways DME
58 A6-EIN ETIHAD Airways ALA
59 A6-EIO ETIHAD Airways IST
60 A6-EIP ETIHAD Airways 670
61 A6-EIQ ETIHAD Airways MSQ
62 A6-EIR ETIHAD Airways DEL
63 A6-EIS ETIHAD Airways AUH
64 A6-EIT ETIHAD Airways IST
65 A6-EIU ETIHAD Airways IST
66 A6-EIV ETIHAD Airways IST
67 A6-EIW ETIHAD Airways LIS
68 A6-EIZ ETIHAD Airways AUH
69 A6-RKB RAK Airways RKT
70 A7-ABR Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
71 A7-ADA Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
72 A7-ADB Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
73 A7-ADC Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
74 A7-ADD Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
75 A7-ADE Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
76 A7-ADF Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
77 A7-ADG Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
78 A7-ADH Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
79 A7-ADI Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
80 A7-ADJ Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
81 A7-ADU Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
82 A7-AHA Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
83 A7-AHB Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
84 A7-AHC Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
85 A7-AHD Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
86 A7-AHE Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
87 A7-AHF Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
88 A7-AHG Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
89 A7-AHH Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
90 A7-AHI Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
91 A7-AHJ Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
92 A7-AHL Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
93 A7-AHO Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
94 A7-AHP Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
95 A7-AHQ Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
96 A7-AHR Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
97 A7-AHS Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
98 A7-AHT Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
99 A7-AHU Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
100 A7-AHW Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
101 A7-AHX Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
102 A7-AHY Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
103 A9C-AA Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
104 A9C-AB Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
105 A9C-AC Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
106 A9C-AD Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
107 A9C-AE Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
108 A9C-AF Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
109 A9C-AG Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
110 A9C-AH Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
111 A9C-AI Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
112 A9C-AJ Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
113 A9C-AK Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
114 A9C-AL Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
115 A9C-AM Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
116 A9C-AN Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
117 A9C-AO Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
118 A9C-AP Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
119 A9C-AQ Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
120 A9C-ED Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
121 A9C-EE Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
122 A9C-EI Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
123 A9C-ENgulf Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
124 A9C-EO Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
125 A9C-EP Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
126 AP-BLH Shaheen Air International JIN
127 AP-BLI Shaheen Air International JIN
128 AP-BLJ Shaheen Air International JIN
129 AP-BLK Shaheen Air International JIN
130 AP-BLM Shaheen Air International JIN
131 AP-BLN Shaheen Air International JIN
132 C-FDCA Air Canada Cargo YYC
133 C-FDQQ Air Canada Cargo YYC
134 C-FDQV Air Canada Cargo YYC
135 C-FDRH Air Canada Cargo YYC
136 C-FDRK Air Canada Cargo YYC
137 C-FDRP Air Canada Cargo YYC
138 C-FDSN Air Canada Cargo YYC
139 C-FDST Air Canada Cargo YYC
140 C-FDSU Air Canada Cargo YYC
141 C-FFWI Air Canada Cargo YYC
142 C-FFWJ Air Canada Cargo YYC
143 C-FFWM Air Canada Cargo YYC
144 C-FFWN Air Canada Cargo YYC
145 C-FGJI Air Canada Cargo YYC
146 C-FGYL Air Canada Cargo YYC
147 C-FGYS Air Canada Cargo YYC
148 C-FKCK Air Canada Cargo YYC
149 C-FKCO Air Canada Cargo YYC
150 C-FKCR Air Canada Cargo YYC
151 C-FKOJ Air Canada Cargo YYC
152 C-FKPT Air Canada Cargo YYC
153 C-FLSS Air Canada Cargo YYC
154 C-FLSU Air Canada Cargo YYC
155 C-FMSX Air Canada Cargo YYC
156 C-FNVU Air Canada Cargo YYC
157 C-FPDN Air Canada Cargo YYC
158 C-FPWD Air Canada Cargo YYC
159 C-FPWE Air Canada Cargo YYC
160 C-FTJO Air Canada Cargo YYC
161 C-FTJP Air Canada Cargo YYC
162 C-FTJQ Air Canada Cargo YYC
163 C-FTJR Air Canada Cargo YYC
164 C-FTJS Air Canada Cargo YYC
165 C-FXCD Air Canada Cargo YYC
166 C-FZQS Air Canada Cargo YYC
167 C-FZUB Air Canada Cargo YYC
168 C-GJVT Air Canada Cargo YYC
169 C-GKOD Air Canada Cargo YYC
170 C-GKOE Air Canada Cargo YYC
171 C-GPWG Air Canada Cargo YYC
172 C-GQCA Air Canada Cargo YYC
173 C5-AAR Ariana Afghan Airlines KBL
174 CS-TMW TAP Portugal LIS
175 CS-TNG TAP Portugal LIS
176 CS-TNH TAP Portugal LIS
177 CS-TNI TAP Portugal LIS
178 CS-TNJ TAP Portugal LIS
179 CS-TNK TAP Portugal LIS
180 CS-TNL TAP Portugal LIS
181 CS-TNM TAP Portugal LIS
182 CS-TNN TAP Portugal LIS
183 CS-TNP TAP Portugal LIS
184 CS-TNQ TAP Portugal LIS
185 CS-TNR TAP Portugal LIS
186 CS-TNS TAP Portugal LIS
187 CS-TNT TAP Portugal LIS
188 CS-TNU TAP Portugal LIS
189 CS-TNV TAP Portugal LIS
190 CS-TNW TAP Portugal LIS
191 CS-TNX TAP Portugal LIS
192 CS-TQD TAP Portugal LIS
193 D-AIPT Germanwings GmbH CGN
194 D-AIPU Germanwings GmbH CGN
195 D-AIPX Germanwings GmbH CGN
196 D-AIPZ Germanwings GmbH CGN
197 D-AIQB Germanwings GmbH CGN
198 D-AIQC Germanwings GmbH CGN
199 D-AIQD Germanwings GmbH CGN
200 D-AIQE Germanwings GmbH CGN
201 D-AIQF Germanwings GmbH CGN
202 D-AIQH Germanwings GmbH CGN
203 D-AIQK Germanwings GmbH CGN
204 D-AIQL Germanwings GmbH CGN
205 D-AIQM Germanwings GmbH CGN
206 D-AIQP Germanwings GmbH CGN
207 D-AIQR Germanwings GmbH CGN
208 D-AIQS Germanwings GmbH CGN
209 D-AKNX Germanwings GmbH CGN
210 EI-DSA Alitalia FCO
211 EI-DSB Alitalia FCO
212 EI-DSC Alitalia FCO
213 EI-DSD Alitalia FCO
214 EI-DSE Alitalia FCO
215 EI-DSF Alitalia FCO
216 EI-DSG Alitalia FCO
217 EI-DSH Alitalia FCO
218 EI-DSI Alitalia FCO
219 EI-DSJ Alitalia FCO
220 EI-DSN Alitalia FCO
221 EI-DSO Alitalia FCO
222 EI-DSP Alitalia FCO
223 EI-DSU Alitalia FCO
224 EI-DSW Alitalia FCO
225 EI-DTB Alitalia FCO
226 EI-DTC Alitalia FCO
227 EI-DTD Alitalia FCO
228 EI-DTE Alitalia FCO
229 EI-DTF Alitalia FCO
230 EI-DTG Alitalia FCO
231 EI-DTH Alitalia FCO
232 EI-DTI Alitalia FCO
233 EI-DTJ Alitalia FCO
234 EI-DTK Alitalia FCO
235 EI-DTL Alitalia FCO
236 EI-DTM Alitalia FCO
237 EI-DTN Alitalia FCO
238 EI-DTO Alitalia FCO
239 EI-EIA Alitalia FCO
240 EI-EIB Alitalia FCO
241 EI-EIC Alitalia FCO
242 EI-EID Alitalia FCO
243 EI-EIE Alitalia FCO
244 EI-IKB Alitalia FCO
245 EI-IKF Alitalia FCO
246 EI-IKG Alitalia FCO
247 EI-IKU Alitalia FCO
248 EK32039 Air Armenia EVN
249 EK32050 Air Algerie EVN
250 F-OHGV Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
251 F-OMRC Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
252 G-BUSB British Airways p.l.c. LHR
253 G-BUSC British Airways p.l.c. LHR
254 G-BUSE British Airways p.l.c. LHR
255 G-EUUA British Airways p.l.c. LHR
256 G-EUUB British Airways p.l.c. LHR
257 G-EUUC British Airways p.l.c. LHR
258 G-EUUD British Airways p.l.c. LHR
259 G-EUUE British Airways p.l.c. LHR
260 G-EUUF British Airways p.l.c. LHR
261 G-EUUG British Airways p.l.c. LHR
262 G-EUUH British Airways p.l.c. LHR
263 G-EUUI British Airways p.l.c. LHR
264 G-EUUJ British Airways p.l.c. LHR
265 G-EUUK British Airways p.l.c. LHR
266 HL7744 Asiana Airlines GMP
267 HL7762 Asiana Airlines GMP
268 HL7769 Asiana Airlines GMP
269 HL7772 Asiana Airlines GMP
270 HL7773 Asiana Airlines GMP
271 HL7776 Asiana Airlines GMP
272 HL7788 Asiana Airlines GMP
273 HS-PGU Bangkok Airways Co. Ltd. BKK
274 HS-PGV Bangkok Airways Co. Ltd. BKK
275 HS-PGW Bangkok Airways Co. Ltd. BKK
276 HS-PPD Bangkok Airways Co. Ltd. BKK
277 HS-PPE Bangkok Airways Co. Ltd. BKK
278 HS-PPH Bangkok Airways Co. Ltd. BKK
279 HS-PPJ Bangkok Airways Co. Ltd. BKK
280 HZ-AS11 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
281 HZ-AS12 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
282 HZ-AS13 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
283 HZ-AS14 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
284 HZ-AS15 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
285 HZ-AS16 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
286 HZ-AS17 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
287 HZ-AS18 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
288 HZ-AS19 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
289 HZ-AS20 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
290 HZ-AS21 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
291 HZ-AS22 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
292 HZ-AS23 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
293 HZ-AS31 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
294 HZ-AS32 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
295 HZ-AS33 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
296 HZ-AS34 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
297 HZ-AS35 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
298 HZ-AS36 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
299 HZ-AS37 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
300 HZ-AS38 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
301 HZ-AS39 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
302 HZ-AS40 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
303 HZ-AS41 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
304 HZ-AS42 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
305 HZ-AS43 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
306 HZ-AS44 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
307 HZ-AS45 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
308 HZ-ASA Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
309 HZ-ASB Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
310 HZ-ASC Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
311 HZ-ASD Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
312 HZ-ASE Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
313 HZ-ASF Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
314 HZ-ASG Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
315 I-BIKA Alitalia FCO
316 I-BIKC Alitalia FCO
317 I-BIKD Alitalia FCO
318 I-BIKE Alitalia FCO
319 I-BIKI Alitalia FCO
320 I-BIKO Alitalia FCO
321 JY-AYA Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
322 JY-AYB Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
323 JY-AYI Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
324 JY-AYQ Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
325 JY-AYR Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
326 JY-AYS Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
327 JY-AYU Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
328 JY-AYW Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
329 JY-AYX Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
330 OD-MRL Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
331 OD-MRM Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
332 OD-MRN Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
333 OD-MRO Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
334 OD-MRR Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
335 OD-MRS Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
336 OD-MRT Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
337 OE-LBI Austrian Airlines VDD
338 OE-LBJ Austrian Airlines VDD
339 OE-LBK Austrian Airlines VDD
340 OE-LBL Austrian Airlines VDD
341 OE-LBM Austrian Airlines VDD
342 OE-LBN Austrian Airlines VDD
343 OE-LBO Austrian Airlines VDD
344 OE-LBP Austrian Airlines VDD
345 OE-LBQ Austrian Airlines VDD
346 OE-LBR Austrian Airlines VDD
347 OE-LBS Austrian Airlines VDD
348 OE-LBT Austrian Airlines VDD
349 OE-LBU Austrian Airlines VDD
350 OE-LBV Austrian Airlines VDD
351 OE-LBW Austrian Airlines VDD
352 OE-LBX Austrian Airlines VDD
353 P4-KBA Air Astana ALA
354 P4-KBB Air Astana ALA
355 P4-KBC Air Astana ALA
356 P4-KBD Air Astana ALA
357 P4-KBE Air Astana ALA
358 P4-KBF Air Astana ALA
359 P4-KBG Air Astana ALA
360 P4-PAS Air Astana ALA
361 P4-SAS Air Astana ALA
362 P4-UAS Air Astana ALA
363 P4-VAS Air Astana ALA
364 P4-WAS Air Astana ALA
365 P4-XAS Air Astana ALA
366 RDPL-34188 Lao Airlines VTE
367 RDPL-34199 Lao Airlines VTE
368 RDPL-34223 Lao Airlines VTE
369 RDPL-34224 Lao Airlines VTE
370 SU-BPU Cairo Aviation CAI
371 SU-BPV Cairo Aviation CAI
372 SU-BPW Cairo Aviation CAI
373 SU-BPX Cairo Aviation CAI
374 SU-GBA Egyptair CAI
375 SU-GBB Egyptair CAI
376 SU-GBC Egyptair CAI
377 SU-GBD Egyptair CAI
378 SU-GBE Egyptair CAI
379 SU-GBF Egyptair CAI
380 SU-GBG Egyptair CAI
381 SU-GBZ Egyptair CAI
382 SU-GCA Egyptair CAI
383 SU-GCB Egyptair CAI
384 SU-GCC Egyptair CAI
385 SU-GCD Egyptair CAI
386 SU-GCL Cairo Aviation CAI
387 SU-NMA Nesma Airlines CAI
388 SU-NMB Nesma Airlines CAI
389 SU-NMC Nesma Airlines CAI
390 T7-MRA Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
391 T7-MRB Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
392 T7-MRC Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
393 T7-MRD Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
394 TC-ATJ Atlasjet Airlines IST
395 TC-ATK Atlasjet Airlines IST
396 TC-ATM Atlasjet Airlines IST
397 TC-ATT Atlasjet Airlines IST
398 TC-DCA Pegasus Airlines SAW
399 TC-DCB Pegasus Airlines SAW
400 TC-DCC Pegasus Airlines SAW
401 TC-DCD Pegasus Airlines SAW
402 TC-FBE Freebird Airlines IST
403 TC-FBF Freebird Airlines IST
404 TC-FBH Freebird Airlines IST
405 TC-FBJ Freebird Airlines IST
406 TC-FBO Freebird Airlines IST
407 TC-FBR Freebird Airlines IST
408 TC-FBV Freebird Airlines IST
409 TC-FBY Freebird Airlines IST
410 TC-FHE Freebird Airlines IST
411 TC-JAI Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
412 TC-JBI Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
413 TC-JLD Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
414 TC-JLF Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
415 TC-JLG Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
416 TC-JLI Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
417 TC-JLJ Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
418 TC-JLK Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
419 TC-JLL Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
420 TC-JPA Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
421 TC-JPB Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
422 TC-JPC Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
423 TC-JPD Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
424 TC-JPE Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
425 TC-JPF Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
426 TC-JPG Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
427 TC-JPH Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
428 TC-JPI Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
429 TC-JPJ Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
430 TC-JPK Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
431 TC-JPL Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
432 TC-JPM Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
433 TC-JPN Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
434 TC-JPO Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
435 TC-JPP Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
436 TC-JPR Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
437 TC-JPS Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
438 TC-JPT Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
439 TC-JPU Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
440 TC-JPV Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
441 TC-JPY Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
442 TC-JUF Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
443 TC-JUJ Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
444 TC-JUK Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
445 TC-OAC Onur Air SAW
446 TC-OAD Onur Air SAW
447 TC-OBD Onur Air SAW
448 TC-OBE Onur Air SAW
449 TC-OBG Onur Air SAW
450 TC-OBH Onur Air SAW
451 TC-OBI Onur Air SAW
452 TC-OBL Onur Air SAW
453 TC-OBM Onur Air SAW
454 TC-OBN Onur Air SAW
455 TC-OBO Onur Air SAW
456 TC-OBP Onur Air SAW
457 TC-OBS Onur Air SAW
458 TC-OBU Onur Air SAW
459 TC-OGF Atlasjet Airlines IST
460 TC-OGJ Atlasjet Airlines IST
461 TC-OGL Atlasjet Airlines IST
462 TC-SGN Saga Airlines IST
463 TS-IMB Tunisair TUN
464 TS-IMC Tunisair TUN
465 TS-IMD Tunisair TUN
466 TS-IMF Tunisair TUN
467 TS-IMG Tunisair TUN
468 TS-IMH Tunisair TUN
469 TS-IMI Tunisair TUN
470 TS-IML Tunisair TUN
471 TS-IMM Tunisair TUN
472 TS-IMN Tunisair TUN
473 TS-IMP Tunisair TUN
474 TS-IMR Tunisair TUN
475 TS-IMS Tunisair TUN
476 TS-IMT Tunisair TUN
477 TS-IMU Tunisair TUN
478 TS-IMV Tunisair TUN
479 TS-INN Libyan Airlines TIP
480 TS-INP Libyan Airlines TIP
481 UK-32011 Uzbekistan Airways TAS
482 UK-32012 Uzbekistan Airways TAS
483 UK-32014 Uzbekistan Airways TAS
484 UK-32015 Uzbekistan Airways TAS
485 UK-32016 Uzbekistan Airways TAS
486 UK-32017 Uzbekistan Airways TAS
487 UK-32018 Uzbekistan Airways TAS
488 UK-32019 Uzbekistan Airways TAS
489 UK-32020 Uzbekistan Airways TAS
490 UK32000 Uzbekistan Airways TAS
491 UR-WRK Wind Rose Aviation Company KBP
492 UR-WRL Wind Rose Aviation Company KBP
493 UR-WRM Wind Rose Aviation Company KBP
494 UR-WRN Wind Rose Aviation Company KBP
495 UR-WUB Wizz Air Ukraine, LLC IEV
496 UR-WUC Wizz Air Ukraine, LLC IEV
497 UR-WUD Wizz Air Ukraine, LLC IEV
498 VN-A309 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
499 VN-A666 VietJet Air SGN
500 VN-A668 VietJet Air SGN
501 VN-A669 VietJet Air SGN
502 VN-A678 VietJet Air SGN
503 VN-A680 VietJet Air SGN
504 VN-A681 VietJet Air SGN
505 VN-A682 VietJet Air SGN
506 VN-A686 VietJet Air SGN
507 VN-A688 VietJet Air SGN
508 VN-A689 VietJet Air SGN
509 VN-A699 VietJet Air SGN
510 VP-BBQ Ural Airlines SVX
511 VP-BDK Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
512 VP-BFZ Euralair International SVX
513 VP-BID Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
514 VP-BIE Ural Airlines SVX
515 VP-BJA Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
516 VP-BJH Nordwind Airlines SVO
517 VP-BKB Ural Airlines SVX
518 VP-BKC Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
519 VP-BKX Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
520 VP-BKY Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
521 VP-BLH Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
522 VP-BLL Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
523 VP-BLP Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
524 VP-BLR Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
525 VP-BME Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
526 VP-BMF Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
527 VP-BMT Ural Airlines SVX
528 VP-BMW Ural Airlines SVX
529 VP-BNL Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
530 VP-BNT Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
531 VP-BPU Ural Airlines SVX
532 VP-BPV Ural Airlines SVX
533 VP-BQP Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
534 VP-BQU Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
535 VP-BQV Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
536 VP-BQW Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
537 VP-BQY Ural Airlines SVX
538 VP-BQZ Ural Airlines SVX
539 VP-BRX Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
540 VP-BRY Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
541 VP-BRZ Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
542 VP-BTI Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
543 VP-BTZ Ural Airlines SVX
544 VP-BWD Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
545 VP-BWE Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
546 VP-BWF Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
547 VP-BWM Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
548 VP-BZO Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
549 VP-BZP Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
550 VP-BZQ Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
551 VP-BZR Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
552 VP-BZS Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
553 VQ-BAG Ural Airlines SVX
554 VQ-BAX Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
555 VQ-BAY Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
556 VQ-BAZ Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
557 VQ-BCM Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
558 VQ-BCY Ural Airlines SVX
559 VQ-BCZ Ural Airlines SVX
560 VQ-BDJ Ural Airlines SVX
561 VQ-BDM Ural Airlines SVX
562 VQ-BEH Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
563 VQ-BEJ Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
564 VQ-BFV Ural Airlines SVX
565 VQ-BFW Ural Airlines SVX
566 VQ-BHL Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
567 VQ-BHN Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
568 VQ-BIR Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
569 VQ-BIT Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
570 VQ-BIU Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
571 VQ-BIV Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
572 VQ-BIW Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
573 VQ-BKS Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
574 VQ-BKT Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
575 VQ-BKU Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
576 VQ-BLO Ural Airlines SVX
577 VQ-BPU Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
578 VQ-BPV Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
579 VQ-BPW Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
580 VQ-BRE Ural Airlines SVX
581 VQ-BRV Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
582 VQ-BRW Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
583 VQ-BSE Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
584 VQ-BSG Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
585 VQ-BSH Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
586 VQ-BSI Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
587 VQ-BSJ Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
588 VQ-BSL Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
589 VQ-BST Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
590 VQ-BSU Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
591 XY-AGG Myanmar Airways International Co., Ltd. MDL
592 XY-AGI Myanmar Airways International Co., Ltd. MDL
593 XY-AGL Myanmar Airways International Co., Ltd. MDL
594 XY-AGM Myanmar Airways International Co., Ltd. MDL
595 XY-AGO Myanmar Airways International Co., Ltd. MDL
596 YI-ARA Iraqi Airways BGW
597 YI-ARB Iraqi Airways BGW
598 YI-ARD Iraqi Airways BGW
599 YK-AKA Syrian Arab Airlines DAM
600 YK-AKB Syrian Arab Airlines DAM
601 YK-AKC Syrian Arab Airlines DAM
602 YK-AKD Syrian Arab Airlines DAM
603 YK-AKE Syrian Arab Airlines DAM
604 YK-AKF Syrian Arab Airlines DAM
605 ZK-OAB Air New Zealand AKL
606 ZK-OJA Air New Zealand AKL
607 ZK-OJB Air New Zealand AKL
608 ZK-OJC Air New Zealand AKL
609 ZK-OJD Air New Zealand AKL
610 ZK-OJE Air New Zealand AKL
611 ZK-OJF Air New Zealand AKL
612 ZK-OJG Air New Zealand AKL
613 ZK-OJH Air New Zealand AKL
614 ZK-OJI Air New Zealand AKL
615 ZK-OJK Air New Zealand AKL
616 ZK-OJM Air New Zealand AKL
617 ZK-OJN Air New Zealand AKL
618 ZK-OJO Air New Zealand AKL
619 ZK-OJQ Air New Zealand AKL
620 ZK-OJR Air New Zealand AKL
621 ZK-OJS Air New Zealand AKL
622 ZK-OXA Air New Zealand AKL
623 ZK-OXB Air New Zealand AKL
624 ZK-OXC Air New Zealand AKL
625 ZK-OXD Air New Zealand AKL
626 ZK-OXE Air New Zealand AKL
627 ZK-OXF Air New Zealand AKL
628 ZS-SZA South African Airways JNB
629 ZS-SZB South African Airways JNB
630 ZS-SZC South African Airways JNB
631 ZS-SZD South African Airways JNB
632 ZS-SZE South African Airways JNB
633 ZS-SZF South African Airways JNB
634 ZS-SZG South African Airways JNB
635 ZS-SZH South African Airways JNB
636 ZS-SZI South African Airways JNB
637 ZS-SZY South African Airways JNB
638 ZS-SZZ South African Airways JNB
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