Name: AIRBUS A321-200 AC. Type: A321-200 Type: CommJ ICAO: A321
Hold Length: 3444 cm Hold Width: 371 cm Hold Height: 221 cm Pax Max: 220 person
Pax Min: 186 person CR Speed: 540 km/h Max Speed: 900 km/h Ferry Range: 2674 km


No. Reg No. Carrier Base
1 4R-ABQ SriLankan Airlines CMB
2 4R-ABR SriLankan Airlines CMB
3 4R-MRC Mihin Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. CMB
4 4R-MRD Mihin Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. CMB
6 A7-ADK Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
7 A7-ADS Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
8 A7-ADT Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
9 A7-ADV Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
10 A7-ADW Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
11 A7-ADY Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
12 A7-ADZ Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
13 A7-AIA Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
14 A7-AIB Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
15 A7-AIC Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
16 A7-AID Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
17 A9C-CA Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
18 A9C-CB Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
19 A9C-CC Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
20 A9C-CD Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
21 A9C-CE Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
22 A9C-CF Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
23 C-GITU Air Canada Cargo YYC
24 C-GIUB Air Canada Cargo YYC
25 C-GIUE Air Canada Cargo YYC
26 C-GIUF Air Canada Cargo YYC
27 C-GJVX Air Canada Cargo YYC
28 C-GJWD Air Canada Cargo YYC
29 C-GJWI Air Canada Cargo YYC
30 C-GJWN Air Canada Cargo YYC
31 C-GJWO Air Canada Cargo YYC
32 CS-TJE TAP Portugal LIS
33 CS-TJF TAP Portugal LIS
34 CS-TJG TAP Portugal LIS
35 EI-IXB Alitalia FCO
36 EI-IXC Alitalia FCO
37 EI-IXD Alitalia FCO
38 EI-IXF Alitalia FCO
39 EI-IXG Alitalia FCO
40 EI-IXH Alitalia FCO
41 EI-IXI Alitalia FCO
42 EI-IXJ Alitalia FCO
43 EI-IXO Alitalia FCO
44 EI-IXU Alitalia FCO
45 EI-IXV Alitalia FCO
46 EI-IXZ Alitalia FCO
47 HL7588 Asiana Airlines GMP
48 HL7589 Asiana Airlines GMP
49 HL7590 Asiana Airlines GMP
50 HL7594 Asiana Airlines GMP
51 HL7722 Asiana Airlines GMP
52 HL7729 Asiana Airlines GMP
53 HL7730 Asiana Airlines GMP
54 HL7731 Asiana Airlines GMP
55 HL7735 Asiana Airlines GMP
56 HL7737 Asiana Airlines GMP
57 HL7738 Asiana Airlines GMP
58 HL7763 Asiana Airlines GMP
59 HL7767 Asiana Airlines GMP
60 HL7789 Asiana Airlines GMP
61 HL7790 Asiana Airlines GMP
62 HL8018 Asian Air GMP
63 HL8236 Asiana Airlines GMP
64 HL8255 Asiana Airlines GMP
65 HL8256 Asiana Airlines GMP
66 HL8257 Asiana Airlines GMP
67 HL8265 Asiana Airlines GMP
68 HL8266 Asiana Airlines GMP
69 HL8267 Asiana Airlines GMP
70 HL8277 Asiana Airlines GMP
71 HL8278 Asiana Airlines GMP
72 HL8279 Asiana Airlines GMP
73 HL8280 Asiana Airlines GMP
74 HL8281 Asiana Airlines GMP
75 HZ-ASH Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
76 HZ-ASI Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
77 HZ-ASJ Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
78 HZ-ASK Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
79 HZ-ASL Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
80 HZ-ASM Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
81 HZ-ASN Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
82 HZ-ASO Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
83 HZ-ASP Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
84 HZ-ASQ Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
85 HZ-ASR Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
86 HZ-AST Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
87 HZ-ASU Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
88 HZ-ASV Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
89 HZ-ASW Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
90 I-BIXA Alitalia FCO
91 I-BIXD Alitalia FCO
92 I-BIXE Alitalia FCO
93 I-BIXK Alitalia FCO
94 I-BIXL Alitalia FCO
95 I-BIXM Alitalia FCO
96 I-BIXN Alitalia FCO
97 I-BIXP Alitalia FCO
98 I-BIXQ Alitalia FCO
99 I-BIXR Alitalia FCO
100 I-BIXS Alitalia FCO
101 I-BIXT Alitalia FCO
102 JY-AYG Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
103 JY-AYH Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
104 JY-AYK Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
105 JY-AYT Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
106 JY-AYV Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
107 OD-RMI Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
108 OD-RMJ Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
109 OE-LBA Austrian Airlines VDD
110 OE-LBB Austrian Airlines VDD
111 OE-LBC Austrian Airlines VDD
112 OE-LBD Austrian Airlines VDD
113 OE-LBE Austrian Airlines VDD
114 OE-LBF Austrian Airlines VDD
115 P4-KDA Air Astana ALA
116 P4-KDB Air Astana ALA
117 P4-NAS Air Astana ALA
118 P4-OAS Air Astana ALA
119 SU-GBT Egyptair CAI
120 SU-GBU Egyptair CAI
121 SU-GBV Egyptair CAI
122 SU-GBW Egyptair CAI
123 TC-ATB Atlasjet Airlines IST
124 TC-ATE Atlasjet Airlines IST
125 TC-ATF Atlasjet Airlines IST
126 TC-ATH Atlasjet Airlines IST
127 TC-ATO Atlasjet Airlines IST
128 TC-ATR Atlasjet Airlines IST
129 TC-ATY Atlasjet Airlines IST
130 TC-ATZ Atlasjet Airlines IST
131 TC-ETF Atlasjet Airlines IST
132 TC-ETH Atlasjet Airlines IST
133 TC-ETJ Atlasjet Airlines IST
134 TC-ETM Atlasjet Airlines IST
135 TC-ETN Atlasjet Airlines IST
136 TC-ETV Atlasjet Airlines IST
137 TC-FBG Freebird Airlines IST
138 TC-FBT Freebird Airlines IST
139 TC-JMA Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
140 TC-JMB Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
141 TC-JMC Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
142 TC-JMD Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
143 TC-JME Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
144 TC-JMF Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
145 TC-JMG Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
146 TC-JMH Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
147 TC-JMI Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
148 TC-JMJ Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
149 TC-JMK Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
150 TC-JML Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
151 TC-JMM Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
152 TC-JMN Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
153 TC-JRA Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
154 TC-JRB Turkish Airlines Inc.
155 TC-JRC Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
156 TC-JRD Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
157 TC-JRE Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
158 TC-JRF Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
159 TC-JRG Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
160 TC-JRH Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
161 TC-JRI Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
162 TC-JRJ Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
163 TC-JRK Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
164 TC-JRL Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
165 TC-JRM Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
166 TC-JRN Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
167 TC-JRO Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
168 TC-JRP Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
169 TC-JRR Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
170 TC-JRS Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
171 TC-JRT Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
172 TC-JRU Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
173 TC-JRV Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
174 TC-JRY Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
175 TC-JRZ Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
176 TC-JSA Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
177 TC-JSB Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
178 TC-JSC Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
179 TC-JSD Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
180 TC-JSE Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
181 TC-JSF Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
182 TC-JSG Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
183 TC-JSH Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
184 TC-JSI Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
185 TC-JSJ Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
186 TC-JSK Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
187 TC-JSL Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
188 TC-JSM Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
189 TC-OAE Onur Air SAW
190 TC-OAF Onur Air SAW
191 TC-OAI Onur Air SAW
192 TC-OAN Onur Air SAW
193 TC-OBF Onur Air SAW
194 TC-OBJ Onur Air SAW
195 TC-OBK Onur Air SAW
196 TC-OBR Onur Air SAW
197 TC-OBV Onur Air SAW
198 TC-OBY Onur Air SAW
199 TC-OBZ Onur Air SAW
200 TC-ONJ Onur Air SAW
201 TC-ONS Onur Air SAW
202 UR-WRH Wind Rose Aviation Company KBP
203 UR-WRI Wind Rose Aviation Company KBP
204 UR-WRJ Wind Rose Aviation Company KBP
205 UR-WRO Wind Rose Aviation Company KBP
206 UR-WRP Wind Rose Aviation Company KBP
207 VN-A322 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
208 VN-A323 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
209 VN-A324 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
210 VN-A325 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
211 VN-A326 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
212 VN-A327 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
213 VN-A329 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
214 VN-A331 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
215 VN-A332 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
216 VN-A334 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
217 VN-A335 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
218 VN-A336 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
219 VN-A338 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
220 VN-A339 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
221 VN-A344 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
222 VN-A345 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
223 VN-A347 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
224 VN-A348 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
225 VN-A350 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
226 VN-A351 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
227 VN-A352 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
228 VN-A353 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
229 VN-A354 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
230 VN-A356 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
231 VN-A357 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
232 VN-A358 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
233 VN-A359 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
234 VN-A360 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
235 VN-A361 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
236 VN-A362 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
237 VN-A363 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
238 VN-A365 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
239 VN-A366 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
240 VN-A367 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
241 VN-A390 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
242 VN-A392 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
243 VN-A393 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
244 VN-A395 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
245 VN-A396 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
246 VN-A397 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
247 VN-A399 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
248 VN-A601 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
249 VN-A602 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
250 VN-A603 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
251 VN-A604 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
252 VN-A605 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
253 VN-A606 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
254 VN-A608 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
255 VN-A609 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
256 VN-A610 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
257 VP-BDC Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
258 VP-BGH Nordwind Airlines SVO
259 VP-BOC Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
260 VP-BOE Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
261 VP-BPC UTair Aviation Joint-Stock Company SVO
262 VP-BPO UTair Aviation Joint-Stock Company SVO
263 VP-BPP UTair Aviation Joint-Stock Company SVO
264 VP-BPS UTair Aviation Joint-Stock Company SVO
265 VP-BQR Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
266 VP-BQS Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
267 VP-BQT Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
268 VP-BQX Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
269 VP-BRD Nordwind Airlines SVO
270 VP-BRW Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
271 VP-BTG Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
272 VP-BTL Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
273 VP-BTR Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
274 VP-BUM Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
275 VP-BUP Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
276 VP-BVP Ural Airlines SVX
277 VP-BWN Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
278 VP-BWO Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
279 VP-BWP Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
280 VQ-BCX Ural Airlines SVX
281 VQ-BDA Ural Airlines SVX
282 VQ-BEA Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
283 VQ-BED Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
284 VQ-BEE Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
285 VQ-BEF Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
286 VQ-BEG Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
287 VQ-BEI Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
288 VQ-BHK Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
289 VQ-BHM Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
290 VQ-BKG Ural Airlines SVX
291 VQ-BKH Ural Airlines SVX
292 VQ-BKJ Ural Airlines SVX
293 VQ-BOB Ural Airlines SVX
294 VQ-BOC Ural Airlines SVX
295 VQ-BOD Nordwind Airlines SVO
296 VQ-BOE Nordwind Airlines SVO
297 VQ-BOF Ural Airlines SVX
298 VQ-BOH Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
299 VQ-BOI Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
300 VQ-BOZ Ural Airlines SVX
301 VQ-BRM Nordwind Airlines SVO
302 VQ-BRN Nordwind Airlines SVO
303 VQ-BRO Nordwind Airlines SVO
304 VQ-BRS UTair Aviation Joint-Stock Company SVO
305 VQ-BRT UTair Aviation Joint-Stock Company SVO
306 VQ-BRU Nordwind Airlines SVO
307 VQ-BTX UTair Aviation Joint-Stock Company SVO
308 XU-348 Cambodia Angkor Air Ltd. REP
309 XU-349 Cambodia Angkor Air Ltd. REP
310 XU-350 Cambodia Angkor Air Ltd. REP
311 YI-AGR Iraqi Airways BGW
312 YI-AGS Iraqi Airways BGW
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