Name: AIRBUS A330-200 AC. Type: A330-200 Type: CommJ ICAO: A332
Hold Width: 528 cm Pax Max: 405 person CR Speed: 537 km/h Max Speed: 900 km/h
Ferry Range: 7250 km


No. Reg No. Carrier Base
1 4R-ALA SriLankan Airlines CMB
2 4R-ALB SriLankan Airlines CMB
3 4R-ALC SriLankan Airlines CMB
4 4R-ALD SriLankan Airlines CMB
5 4R-ALG SriLankan Airlines CMB
6 4R-ALH SriLankan Airlines CMB
7 4R-ALJ SriLankan Airlines CMB
8 5A-LAR Libyan Airlines TIP
9 5A-LAS Libyan Airlines TIP
10 5A-ONF Afriqiyah Airways TIP
11 5A-ONH Afriqiyah Airways TIP
12 5A-ONP Afriqiyah Airways TIP
13 7T-VJV Air Algerie ALG
14 7T-VJW Air Algerie ALG
15 7T-VJX Air Algerie ALG
16 7T-VJY Air Algerie ALG
17 7T-VJZ Air Algerie ALG
18 A4O-DA Oman Air MCT
19 A4O-DC Oman Air MCT
20 A4O-DF Oman Air MCT
21 A4O-DG Oman Air MCT
22 A4O-KA Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
23 A4O-KB Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
24 A4O-KC Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
25 A4O-KD Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
26 A4O-KE Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
27 A4O-KF Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
28 A6-AGA ETIHAD Airways AUH
29 A6-AGB ETIHAD Airways AUH
30 A6-DCA ETIHAD Airways AUH
31 A6-DCB ETIHAD Airways AUH
32 A6-DCC ETIHAD Airways AUH
33 A6-EAA Emirates DXB
34 A6-EAB Emirates DXB
35 A6-EAC Emirates DXB
36 A6-EAD Emirates DXB
37 A6-EAE Emirates DXB
38 A6-EAF Emirates DXB
39 A6-EAG Emirates DXB
40 A6-EAH Emirates DXB
41 A6-EAI Emirates DXB
42 A6-EAJ Emirates DXB
43 A6-EAK Emirates DXB
44 A6-EAL Emirates DXB
45 A6-EAM Emirates DXB
46 A6-EAN Emirates DXB
47 A6-EAO Emirates DXB
48 A6-EAP Emirates DXB
49 A6-EAQ Emirates DXB
50 A6-EAR Emirates DXB
51 A6-EAS Emirates DXB
52 A6-EKQ Emirates DXB
53 A6-EKR Emirates DXB
54 A6-EKS Emirates DXB
55 A6-EKT Emirates DXB
56 A6-EKU Emirates DXB
57 A6-EKV Emirates DXB
58 A6-EKW Emirates DXB
59 A6-EKX Emirates DXB
60 A6-EKY Emirates DXB
61 A6-EKZ Emirates DXB
62 A6-EYA ETIHAD Airways AUH
63 A6-EYB ETIHAD Airways AUH
64 A6-EYC ETIHAD Airways AUH
65 A6-EYD ETIHAD Airways AUH
66 A6-EYE ETIHAD Airways AUH
67 A6-EYF ETIHAD Airways AUH
68 A6-EYG ETIHAD Airways AUH
69 A6-EYH ETIHAD Airways AUH
70 A6-EYI ETIHAD Airways AUH
71 A6-EYJ ETIHAD Airways AUH
72 A6-EYK ETIHAD Airways AUH
73 A6-EYL ETIHAD Airways AUH
74 A6-EYM ETIHAD Airways AUH
75 A6-EYN ETIHAD Airways AUH
76 A6-EYO ETIHAD Airways AUH
77 A6-EYP ETIHAD Airways AUH
78 A6-EYQ ETIHAD Airways AUH
79 A6-EYR ETIHAD Airways AUH
80 A6-EYS ETIHAD Airways AUH
81 A6-EYT ETIHAD Airways AUH
82 A6-EYZ ETIHAD Airways AUH
83 A7-ACA Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
84 A7-ACB Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
85 A7-ACC Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
86 A7-ACD Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
87 A7-ACE Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
88 A7-ACF Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
89 A7-ACG Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
90 A7-ACH Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
91 A7-ACI Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
92 A7-ACJ Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
93 A7-ACK Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
94 A7-ACL Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
95 A7-ACM Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
96 A7-AFL Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
97 A7-AFM Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
98 A7-AFN Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
99 A7-AFO Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
100 A7-AFP Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
101 A9C-KA Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
102 A9C-KB Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
103 A9C-KC Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
104 A9C-KD Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
105 A9C-KE Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
106 A9C-KF Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
107 CS-TOE TAP Portugal LIS
108 CS-TOF TAP Portugal LIS
109 CS-TOG TAP Portugal LIS
110 CS-TOH TAP Portugal LIS
111 CS-TOI TAP Portugal LIS
112 CS-TOJ TAP Portugal LIS
113 CS-TOK TAP Portugal LIS
114 CS-TOL TAP Portugal LIS
115 CS-TON TAP Portugal LIS
116 CS-TOO TAP Portugal LIS
117 CS-TOP TAP Portugal LIS
118 CS-TOQ TAP Portugal LIS
119 CS-TOR TAP Portugal LIS
120 EI-DIP Alitalia FCO
121 EI-DIR Alitalia FCO
122 EI-EJG Alitalia FCO
123 EI-EJH Alitalia FCO
124 EI-EJI Alitalia FCO
125 EI-EJJ Alitalia FCO
126 EI-EJK Alitalia FCO
127 EI-EJL Alitalia FCO
128 EI-EJM Alitalia FCO
129 EI-EJN Alitalia FCO
130 EI-EJO Alitalia FCO
131 EI-EJP Alitalia FCO
132 EI-IKL Alitalia FCO
133 HZ-AQG Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
134 JY-AIE Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
135 JY-AIF Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
136 JY-AIG Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
137 LV-FNI Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
138 LV-FNJ Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
139 LV-FNK Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
140 LV-FNL Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
141 OD-MEA Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
142 OD-MEB Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
143 OD-MEC Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
144 OD-MED Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
145 SU-GCE Egyptair CAI
146 SU-GCF Egyptair CAI
147 SU-GCG Egyptair CAI
148 SU-GCH Egyptair CAI
149 SU-GCJ Egyptair CAI
150 SU-GCK Egyptair CAI
151 TC-JCI Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
152 TC-JDO Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
153 TC-JDP Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
154 TC-JDR Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
155 TC-JDS Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
156 TC-JIL Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
157 TC-JIM Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
158 TC-JNA Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
159 TC-JNB Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
160 TC-JNC Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
161 TC-JND Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
162 TC-JNE Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
163 TC-JNF Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
164 TC-JNG Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
165 TC-JNV Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
166 TF-EAA Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
167 UR-WRQ Wind Rose Aviation Company KBP
168 V5-ANO Air Namibia WDH
169 V5-ANP Air Namibia WDH
170 VN-A368 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
171 VN-A369 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
172 VN-A370 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
173 VN-A371 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
174 VN-A372 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
175 VN-A374 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
176 VN-A375 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
177 VN-A376 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
178 VN-A377 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
179 VN-A378 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
180 VN-A379 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
181 VN-A381 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
182 VP-BLX Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
183 VP-BLY Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
184 VQ-BBE Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
185 VQ-BBF Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
186 VQ-BBG Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
187 YI-AQY Iraqi Airways BGW
188 ZS-SXU South African Airways JNB
189 ZS-SXV South African Airways JNB
190 ZS-SXW South African Airways JNB
191 ZS-SXX South African Airways JNB
192 ZS-SXY South African Airways JNB
193 ZS-SXZ South African Airways LNB
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