Name: AIRBUS A330 AC. Type: A330 Type: CommJ ICAO: A330
IATA: 330 Pax Max: 405 person CR Speed: 912 km/h Max Speed: 900 km/h
Ferry Range: 10400 km


No. Reg No. Carrier Base
1 4R-ALA SriLankan Airlines CMB
2 4R-ALB SriLankan Airlines CMB
3 4R-ALC SriLankan Airlines CMB
4 4R-ALD SriLankan Airlines CMB
5 4R-ALG SriLankan Airlines CMB
6 4R-ALH SriLankan Airlines CMB
7 4R-ALJ SriLankan Airlines CMB
8 4R-ALL SriLankan Airlines CMB
9 4R-ALM SriLankan Airlines CMB
10 5A-LAR Libyan Airlines TIP
11 5A-LAS Libyan Airlines TIP
12 5A-ONF Afriqiyah Airways TIP
13 5A-ONH Afriqiyah Airways TIP
14 5A-ONP Afriqiyah Airways TIP
15 7T-VJV Air Algerie ALG
16 7T-VJW Air Algerie ALG
17 7T-VJX Air Algerie ALG
18 7T-VJY Air Algerie ALG
19 7T-VJZ Air Algerie ALG
20 A4O-DA Oman Air MCT
21 A4O-DB Oman Air MCT
22 A4O-DC Oman Air MCT
23 A4O-DD Oman Air MCT
24 A4O-DE Oman Air MCT
25 A4O-DF Oman Air MCT
26 A4O-DG Oman Air MCT
27 A4O-KA Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
28 A4O-KB Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
29 A4O-KC Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
30 A4O-KD Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
31 A4O-KE Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
32 A4O-KF Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
33 A6-AFA ETIHAD Airways AUH
34 A6-AFB ETIHAD Airways AUH
35 A6-AFC ETIHAD Airways AUH
36 A6-AFD ETIHAD Airways AUH
37 A6-AFE ETIHAD Airways AUH
38 A6-AFF ETIHAD Airways AUH
39 A6-AGA ETIHAD Airways AUH
40 A6-AGB ETIHAD Airways AUH
41 A6-DCA ETIHAD Airways AUH
42 A6-DCB ETIHAD Airways AUH
43 A6-DCC ETIHAD Airways AUH
44 A6-EAA Emirates DXB
45 A6-EAB Emirates DXB
46 A6-EAC Emirates DXB
47 A6-EAD Emirates DXB
48 A6-EAE Emirates DXB
49 A6-EAF Emirates DXB
50 A6-EAG Emirates DXB
51 A6-EAH Emirates DXB
52 A6-EAI Emirates DXB
53 A6-EAJ Emirates DXB
54 A6-EAK Emirates DXB
55 A6-EAL Emirates DXB
56 A6-EAM Emirates DXB
57 A6-EAN Emirates DXB
58 A6-EAO Emirates DXB
59 A6-EAP Emirates DXB
60 A6-EAQ Emirates DXB
61 A6-EAR Emirates DXB
62 A6-EAS Emirates DXB
63 A6-EKQ Emirates DXB
64 A6-EKR Emirates DXB
65 A6-EKS Emirates DXB
66 A6-EKT Emirates DXB
67 A6-EKU Emirates DXB
68 A6-EKV Emirates DXB
69 A6-EKW Emirates DXB
70 A6-EKX Emirates DXB
71 A6-EKY Emirates DXB
72 A6-EKZ Emirates DXB
73 A6-EYA ETIHAD Airways AUH
74 A6-EYB ETIHAD Airways AUH
75 A6-EYC ETIHAD Airways AUH
76 A6-EYD ETIHAD Airways AUH
77 A6-EYE ETIHAD Airways AUH
78 A6-EYF ETIHAD Airways AUH
79 A6-EYG ETIHAD Airways AUH
80 A6-EYH ETIHAD Airways AUH
81 A6-EYI ETIHAD Airways AUH
82 A6-EYJ ETIHAD Airways AUH
83 A6-EYK ETIHAD Airways AUH
84 A6-EYL ETIHAD Airways AUH
85 A6-EYM ETIHAD Airways AUH
86 A6-EYN ETIHAD Airways AUH
87 A6-EYO ETIHAD Airways AUH
88 A6-EYP ETIHAD Airways AUH
89 A6-EYQ ETIHAD Airways AUH
90 A6-EYR ETIHAD Airways AUH
91 A6-EYS ETIHAD Airways AUH
92 A6-EYT ETIHAD Airways AUH
93 A6-EYZ ETIHAD Airways AUH
94 A7-ACA Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
95 A7-ACB Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
96 A7-ACC Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
97 A7-ACD Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
98 A7-ACE Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
99 A7-ACF Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
100 A7-ACG Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
101 A7-ACH Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
102 A7-ACI Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
103 A7-ACJ Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
104 A7-ACK Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
105 A7-ACL Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
106 A7-ACM Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
107 A7-AEA Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
108 A7-AEB Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
109 A7-AEC Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
110 A7-AED Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
111 A7-AEE Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
112 A7-AEF Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
113 A7-AEG Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
114 A7-AEH Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
115 A7-AEI Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
116 A7-AEJ Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
117 A7-AEM Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
118 A7-AEN Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
119 A7-AEO Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
120 A7-AFL Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
121 A7-AFM Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
122 A7-AFN Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
123 A7-AFO Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
124 A7-AFP Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
125 A9C-KA Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
126 A9C-KB Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
127 A9C-KC Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
128 A9C-KD Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
129 A9C-KE Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
130 A9C-KF Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
131 AP-BKL Shaheen Air International JIN
132 AP-BKM Shaheen Air International JIN
133 AP-BKN Shaheen Air International JIN
134 C-GFAF Air Canada Cargo YYC
135 C-GFAH Air Canada Cargo YYC
136 C-GFAJ Air Canada Cargo YYC
137 C-GFUR Air Canada Cargo YYC
138 C-GHKR Air Canada Cargo YYC
139 C-GHKW Air Canada Cargo YYC
140 C-GHKX Air Canada Cargo YYC
141 C-GHLM Air Canada Cargo YYC
142 CS-TOE TAP Portugal LIS
143 CS-TOF TAP Portugal LIS
144 CS-TOG TAP Portugal LIS
145 CS-TOH TAP Portugal LIS
146 CS-TOI TAP Portugal LIS
147 CS-TOJ TAP Portugal LIS
148 CS-TOK TAP Portugal LIS
149 CS-TOL TAP Portugal LIS
150 CS-TON TAP Portugal LIS
151 CS-TOO TAP Portugal LIS
152 CS-TOP TAP Portugal LIS
153 CS-TOQ TAP Portugal LIS
154 CS-TOR TAP Portugal LIS
155 EI-DIP Alitalia FCO
156 EI-DIR Alitalia FCO
157 EI-EJG Alitalia FCO
158 EI-EJH Alitalia FCO
159 EI-EJI Alitalia FCO
160 EI-EJJ Alitalia FCO
161 EI-EJK Alitalia FCO
162 EI-EJL Alitalia FCO
163 EI-EJM Alitalia FCO
164 EI-EJN Alitalia FCO
165 EI-EJO Alitalia FCO
166 EI-EJP Alitalia FCO
167 EI-IKL Alitalia FCO
168 HL7736 Asiana Airlines GMP
169 HL7740 Asiana Airlines GMP
170 HL7741 Asiana Airlines GMP
171 HL7746 Asiana Airlines GMP
172 HL7747 Asiana Airlines GMP
173 HL7754 Asiana Airlines GMP
174 HL7792 Asiana Airlines GMP
175 HL7793 Asiana Airlines GMP
176 HL7794 Asiana Airlines GMP
177 HL7795 Asiana Airlines GMP
178 HL8258 Asiana Airlines GMP
179 HL8259 Asiana Airlines GMP
180 HL8282 Asiana Airlines GMP
181 HL8286 Asiana Airlines GMP
182 HL8293 Asiana Airlines GMP
183 HS-TBA Thai Airways International BKK
184 HS-TBB Thai Airways International BKK
185 HS-TBC Thai Airways International BKK
186 HS-TBD Thai Airways International BKK
187 HS-TBE Thai Airways International BKK
188 HS-TBF Thai Airways International BKK
189 HS-TBG Thai Airways International BKK
190 HS-TEA Thai Airways International BKK
191 HS-TEB Thai Airways International BKK
192 HS-TEC Thai Airways International BKK
193 HS-TED Thai Airways International BKK
194 HS-TEE Thai Airways International BKK
195 HS-TEF Thai Airways International BKK
196 HS-TEG Thai Airways International BKK
197 HS-TEH Thai Airways International BKK
198 HS-TEJ Thai Airways International BKK
199 HS-TEK Thai Airways International BKK
200 HS-TEL Thai Airways International BKK
201 HS-TEM Thai Airways International BKK
202 HS-TEN Thai Airways International BKK
203 HS-TEO Thai Airways International BKK
204 HS-TEP Thai Airways International BKK
205 HS-TEQ Thai Airways International BKK
206 HS-TER Thai Airways International BKK
207 HS-TES Thai Airways International BKK
208 HS-TET Thai Airways International BKK
209 HS-TEU Thai Airways International BKK
210 HZ-AQA Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
211 HZ-AQB Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
212 HZ-AQC Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
213 HZ-AQD Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
214 HZ-AQE Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
215 HZ-AQF Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
216 HZ-AQG Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
217 HZ-AQH Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
218 HZ-AQI Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
219 HZ-AQJ Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
220 HZ-AQK Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
221 JY-AIE Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
222 JY-AIF Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
223 JY-AIG Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
224 LV-FNI Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
225 LV-FNJ Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
226 LV-FNK Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
227 LV-FNL Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
228 OD-MEA Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
229 OD-MEB Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
230 OD-MEC Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
231 OD-MED Middle East Airlines AirLiban BEY
232 SU-GCE Egyptair CAI
233 SU-GCF Egyptair CAI
234 SU-GCG Egyptair CAI
235 SU-GCH Egyptair CAI
236 SU-GCJ Egyptair CAI
237 SU-GCK Egyptair CAI
238 SU-GDS Egyptair CAI
239 SU-GDT Egyptair CAI
240 SU-GDU Egyptair CAI
241 SU-GDV Egyptair CAI
242 TC-JCI Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
243 TC-JDO Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
244 TC-JDP Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
245 TC-JDR Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
246 TC-JDS Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
247 TC-JIL Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
248 TC-JIM Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
249 TC-JNA Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
250 TC-JNB Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
251 TC-JNC Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
252 TC-JND Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
253 TC-JNE Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
254 TC-JNF Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
255 TC-JNG Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
256 TC-JNI Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
257 TC-JNJ Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
258 TC-JNK Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
259 TC-JNL Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
260 TC-JNM Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
261 TC-JNN Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
262 TC-JNO Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
263 TC-JNP Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
264 TC-JNR Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
265 TC-JNS Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
266 TC-JNT Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
267 TC-JNV Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
268 TC-JNZ Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
269 TC-JOA Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
270 TC-JOB Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
271 TC-OCA Onur Air SAW
272 TC-OCB Onur Air SAW
273 TC-OCC Onur Air SAW
274 TC-OCD Onur Air SAW
275 TF-EAA Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
276 UR-WRQ Wind Rose Aviation Company KBP
277 V5-ANO Air Namibia WDH
278 V5-ANP Air Namibia WDH
279 VN-A368 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
280 VN-A369 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
281 VN-A370 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
282 VN-A371 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
283 VN-A372 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
284 VN-A374 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
285 VN-A375 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
286 VN-A376 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
287 VN-A377 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
288 VN-A378 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
289 VN-A379 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
290 VN-A381 Vietnam Airlines Corp. SGN
291 VP-BDD Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
292 VP-BDE Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
293 VP-BLX Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
294 VP-BLY Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
295 VQ-BBE Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
296 VQ-BBF Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
297 VQ-BBG Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
298 VQ-BCU Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
299 VQ-BCV Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
300 VQ-BEK Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
301 VQ-BEL Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
302 VQ-BMV Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
303 VQ-BMX Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
304 VQ-BMY Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
305 VQ-BNS Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
306 VQ-BPI Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
307 VQ-BPJ Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
308 VQ-BPK Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
309 VQ-BQX Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
310 VQ-BQY Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
311 VQ-BQZ Aeroflot - Russian Airlines SVO
312 YI-AQY Iraqi Airways BGW
313 ZS-SXU South African Airways JNB
314 ZS-SXV South African Airways JNB
315 ZS-SXW South African Airways JNB
316 ZS-SXX South African Airways JNB
317 ZS-SXY South African Airways JNB
318 ZS-SXZ South African Airways LNB
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