Name: AIRBUS A340 AC. Type: A340 Type: CommJ ICAO: A342
Pax Max: 425 person CR Speed: 912 km/h Max Speed: 900 km/h Ferry Range: 14360 km


No. Reg No. Carrier Base
1 4R-ADA SriLankan Airlines CMB
2 4R-ADB SriLankan Airlines CMB
3 4R-ADC SriLankan Airlines CMB
4 4R-ADE SriLankan Airlines CMB
5 4R-ADF SriLankan Airlines CMB
6 4R-ADG SriLankan Airlines CMB
7 5A-ONE Afriqiyah Airways TIP
8 9K-ANA Kuwait Airways KWI
9 9K-ANB Kuwait Airways KWI
10 9K-ANC Kuwait Airways KWI
11 9K-AND Kuwait Airways KWI
12 A4O-LH Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
13 A4O-LI Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
14 A6-EHA ETIHAD Airways AUH
15 A6-EHB ETIHAD Airways AUH
16 A6-EHC ETIHAD Airways AUH
17 A6-EHD ETIHAD Airways AUH
18 A6-EHE ETIHAD Airways AUH
19 A6-EHF ETIHAD Airways AUH
20 A6-EHG ETIHAD Airways AUH
21 A6-EHH ETIHAD Airways AUH
22 A6-EHI ETIHAD Airways AUH
23 A6-EHJ ETIHAD Airways AUH
24 A6-EHK ETIHAD Airways AUH
25 A6-EHL ETIHAD Airways AUH
26 A6-ERA Emirates DXB
27 A6-ERB Emirates DXB
28 A6-ERC Emirates DXB
29 A6-ERD Emirates DXB
30 A6-ERE Emirates DXB
31 A6-ERF Emirates DXB
32 A6-ERG Emirates DXB
33 A6-ERH Emirates DXB
34 A6-ERI Emirates DXB
35 A6-ERJ Emirates DXB
36 A6-ERM Emirates DXB
37 A6-ERN Emirates DXB
38 A6-ERO Emirates DXB
39 A6-ERP Emirates DXB
40 A6-ERQ Emirates DXB
41 A6-ERR Emirates DXB
42 A6-ERS Emirates DXB
43 A6-ERT Emirates DXB
44 A7-AGA Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
45 A7-AGB Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
46 A7-AGC Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
47 A7-AGD Qatar Airways (Q.C.S.C.) DO1
48 A9C-LG Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
49 A9C-LH Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
50 A9C-LI Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
51 A9C-LJ Gulf Air Company G.S.C. BAH
52 CS-TOA TAP Portugal LIS
53 CS-TOB TAP Portugal LIS
54 CS-TOC TAP Portugal LIS
55 CS-TOD TAP Portugal LIS
56 F-OHLP Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
57 F-OHLQ Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
58 HS-TLA Thai Airways International BKK
59 HS-TLB Thai Airways International BKK
60 HS-TLC Thai Airways International BKK
61 HS-TLD Thai Airways International BKK
62 HS-TNA Thai Airways International BKK
63 HS-TNB Thai Airways International BKK
64 HS-TNC Thai Airways International BKK
65 HS-TND Thai Airways International BKK
66 HS-TNE Thai Airways International BKK
67 HS-TNF Thai Airways International BKK
68 HZ-124 Saudi Arabian Airlines RUH
69 JY-AIA Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
70 JY-AIB Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
71 JY-AIC Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
72 JY-AID Royal Jordanian (Alia - The Royal Jordanian Airline) AMM
73 LV-BIT Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
74 LV-CEK Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
75 LV-CSD Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
76 LV-CSE Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
77 LV-CSF Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
78 LV-CSX Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
79 LV-FPU Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
80 LV-FPV Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
81 LV-ZPJ Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
82 LV-ZPO Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
83 LV-ZPX Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
84 LV-ZRA Aerolineas Argentinas EZE
85 SU-GBM Egyptair CAI
86 SU-GBN Egyptair CAI
87 SU-GBO Egyptair CAI
88 TC-JDJ Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
89 TC-JDK Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
90 TC-JDL Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
91 TC-JDM Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
92 TC-JDN Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
93 TC-JIH Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
94 TC-JII Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
95 TC-JIJ Turkish Airlines Inc. IST
96 V5-NME Air Namibia WDH
97 V5-NMF Air Namibia WDH
98 ZS-SNC South African Airways JNB
99 ZS-SND South African Airways JNB
100 ZS-SNE South African Airways JNB
101 ZS-SNF South African Airways JNB
102 ZS-SNG South African Airways JNB
103 ZS-SNH South African Airways JNB
104 ZS-SNI South African Airways JNB
105 ZS-SXA South African Airways
106 ZS-SXB South African Airways JNB
107 ZS-SXC South African Airways JNB
108 ZS-SXD South African Airways JNB
109 ZS-SXE South African Airways JNB
110 ZS-SXF South African Airways JNB
111 ZS-SXG South African Airways JNB
112 ZS-SXH South African Airways JNB
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